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Our representatives on site are the Rev. Hubert KOMBIENI (in white)
and Rev. Zphyrin BAGNAWA. (blue shirt)


Father Hubert Kombieni is werking in Benin
Father Zphyrin Bagnawa is werking in Burkina Faso
The commitment of these two people and their achievements are
really impressive. They deserve our admiration and respect.



Father Hubert Kombieni is an African priest. He has been our contactman in the north-western part of Benin for the past ten years . He has already visited Belgium on three occasions. Today he is the parish priest of Koussou, an area counting some 20 parishes spread out in the bush. In the first instance Father Hubert's care and attention are aimed at fulfilling the spiritual needs of his parishioners. But he is in fact equally concerned with the development of a network of schools and health care systems. These are issues which will benefit the population as a whole: christians, muslims and others alike.

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Burkina Faso

Nouna is a young diocese in the west of Burkina-Faso, located close to the border with Mali. The African priest Father Zphyrin Bagnawa worked there for several years, in the parish of Bomborokuy. It is there that we met him and got to know him well. He is a very wise man who proceeds with foresight, consulting where and when necessary, and fighting tirelessly to further the cause and the aspirations of his people.  

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