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1) Inauguration of the new school in Gnoumankuy, Burkina Faso
In 1999 our contactman and coordinator Zéphyrin Bagnawa told us of his dream to build a school in his native village of Gnoumankuy. They had no school at all in Gnoumankuy at that time. It became quite a story, which you can read here.
2) Building a new school in Sakuy, Burkina Faso, in 2002
It was back in 1999 when we first visited Sakuy, a remote village in the bush. We returned once more in January 2002. During a meeting, which was attended by both adults and children, they  asked us with quite some persistence to have school built. The school was built indeed ... read on
3) Building a new school in Nodi, Benin, in 2003
A sort of primitive classroom structure was all they had at first, and it was not big enough for all the children. We discussed the situation with the prefect of Materi, and we committed ourselves to build a proper school. The villagers themselves manufactured the bricks which the building contractor would subsequently use ... a compelling story
4) A visit to several distant village communities in the bush (Benin)
In January 2002 we paid a visit to a number of remote village communities in the bush. The enthousiastic welcome extended by the village communities more than compensated the rigours of that difficult journey. An experience to be remembered.
5) Ramshackle hut turned into respectable school building in N'Tchiega  (Benin)
Very little was left of the ramshackle little village school in N'Tchiega following the recent rainy season. We thought of a solution. What solution? click here to find out




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