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Dear friends,

The fact that Afrant is able to operate at all is largely due to the support and donations made by many friends and benefactors. These donations add up to several thousands of  contributions per year. The photographs throughout this web site are an indication of the great care taken in allocating the funds to carefully selected projects.

For Afrant it is a matter of principle that all funds donated by our benefactors reach their destination directly and in their entirety. The funds are allocated to projects chosen on  selective basis depending on their need, merit or urgency. There are no 'go-betweens' to siphon away money, and no funds are ever used cover 'administrative costs'. Our administration is done entirely free of charge by volunteers.
Please help AFRANT by making a donation to:

    Belgian Bank account number:  001-4353803-34   


   IBAN  BE68 0014 3538 0334         BIC GEBABEBB   


   for the attention of: vzw AFRANT, St.-Pieterstraat 1, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium   


   nb: no tax certificate issued via this account    



  Tax certificates can be issued for gifts starting from 40  by making a donation to:  


    Belgian bank account number:  435-8034101-59   


   IBAN  BE84 4358 0341 0159        BIC KREDBEBB   


   for the attention of VIA Don Bosco, Leopold II laan 195, 1080 Brussels, Belgium    

  adding the following comment: "for Tonkori - please send tax certificate"  

 VIA Don Bosco supports the project which Afrant has proposed for Tonkori (to build 

  a primary school) en also monitors the correct and efficient allocation and use of the funds 

Isn't it encouraging to know that every Euro donated at this end is worth much more in Africa. Consider the following examples:




the cost of a sewing machine which will provide work and income for a widow.


- the cost of an ox cart to benefit a poor family. Farmers often had to work in the fields with their bare hands.


- the cost of a donkey and cart, of invaluable help to a poor farmer; it will help lessen the burden for him to cultivate his land.
  750 - the sum we give to a young student as scholarship funding. This will make it possible for him or her to spend one year in a nearby city or town, enaling the student to pursue his or her studies there.
1.000 to 3.000 - the cost of a good motor cycle, indispensable as a means of transport. A motor cyle will enable a social worker to greatly increase the area for him or her to cover.
2.000 tot possibly 10.000 - the cost of drilling a good water well, a matter of vital importance to the local population. The cost varies depending on soil conditions and bed rock, and the depth of the well).
12.000 - A sum adequate to provide a small village in the bush with their own small church (with a seating capacity of 100 people).
30.000 - the cost of building a village school with a capacity of around 200 students.

Our projects can only materialise with the help and support of the many friends and benefactors who carry Africa in their hearts. Our possibilities - as individuals - may be limited, but you know the saying  "there is strength in numbers"; together we are strong. Your support and our combined efforts provide the means to turn our projects into achievements. 

Dear friends, please help us to carry on with our valuable work. Join us in giving our friends in Africa a glimmer of hope. Remember that Chinese saying: 


" when many tread along the same path, that is how a road is built ... "     



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