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We receive letters from Benin and Burkina-Faso every week, on the one hand thanking us for the help they have received while on the other hand asking us for more help to cope with new needs. We truly hope that the means we have at our disposal will prove adequate to fulfill the many new requirements being brought to our attention. A significant number of projects was planned and also launched in the course of 2006-2010. Many of these projects have now been completed. Further planning for 2016 includes the following:
1) Village school in Tchanhoun-Kossi (Benin)

Tchanhoun-Kossi is an important village with a large primary school. Some 100 pupils are divided over 10 large  classes. The existing buildings are in very poor shape and in fact dangerous to work in. Some children simply follow class in the open air. They need urgent help from another source. Building of three large classrooms commenced in 2007. These will accommodate around 180 young pupils. The school should be ready in 2008. Construction cost: 34.000 euro.

2) Village school in Koupiani (Benin)

It was early in 2007 when we visited the ramshackle little village school of Koupiani. It could barely hold half of the children in the village; in deplorable conditions at best. The building consisted basically of an atap roof supported on wooden poles. Many children have no choice but to go to school in Dassari. They have to walk along the main road to Burkina Faso, with all its heavy traffic. The 7 km trip is very dangerous for pedestrians, especially children. Furthermore, the school in Dassari is meanwhile already filled to capacity. We have committed ourselves to build a fine new school in Koupiani. We hope to be able to accomplish this in 2008. Construction cost: 32.000 euro.

3) Secondary school in Goni (Burkina-Faso)
We visited the large habitat of Goni in 2006. It is located some 25 km south of Nouna. The primary school is doing well but all these pupils need to be able to pass on to secondary school.
The whole region is looking forward with great anticipation to the fulfillment of this dream. Thanks to our generous benefactors we have been able to come up with the 130.000 euro needed to carry out this big project. Work commenced near the end of 2007, and hence 2008 will become a very important year for the youth of Goni.
4) Village school for Bwanekuy (Burkina-Faso)
The little school in this village is basically a hut built of straw and mud. It is filled to capacity. When we arrived here in 2007 we found a teacher facing a class of more than 60 pupils. Despite the deplorable conditions he remained ever enthousiastic and continued to give of his best. These heart breaking conditions did not prevent them from extending us a very warm welcome. Bwanekuy, my dear friends, deserves better than this. Therefore, we transferred  30.000 euro at the end of 2007 so that construction of the new school could commence. Another 21.000 euro will be allocated early in 2008. Soon, parents teachers and pupils will have every reason to be very proud of their new school.
5) Secondary school in Porga (Benin)
Porga  is located on the border between Benin and Burkina-Faso. The village lies near to the entrance of a very large nature reserve. This could well play a major role in the future development of the tourist industry of Benin. About 10 years ago a Belgian visitor arranged to have a primary school built here. We now wish to complete his mission by adding a secondary school. A first installment of  30.000 euro has already been allocated. We hope to be able to commence work in 2008.
6) Prayer chapel for the training centre in Nouna (Burkina-Faso)  
The model farm and the living quarters are now in full use. Our dear friends would like to add a sober but functional chapel, built in the local African style. This will offer the many visitors some moments of quiet spiritual reflection and repose.  We will help them to achieve this and we have started looking for funds to cover the building cost which amounts to 20.000 euro.



VWe are determined to turn all these plans into reality, but to make this possible we are counting on the financial support of many friends and benefactors. Would you like to become such a benefactor? All donations no matter how small will be accepted with gratitude. 

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The achievements booked with much success over the past few years show us that team work has made us strong. Our approach has made it possible to get things moving in the right direction. We have brought  about a real and tangible difference in the otherwise hopeless situation of our African friends. Let us continue to combine our efforts and pursue our goals with the faith and enthousiasm which Afrant stands for.

Please accept my most sincere thanks for your time and attention and your token of solidarity.



with sincere thanks on behalf of Afrant,

  Eric Deckers, vice president   



Are you famiiar with that famous chinese saying: 

" when many people follow the same path, that is how a road is built ... "     


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