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   Building a new school in Sakuy, Burkina Faso, in 2002 


Pictures of Sakuy:     (click on any photo to enlarge)



1-3)  It was in 1999 that we first visited the remote village of Sakuy, in the bush. There was no school to be found for miles in the vicinity. It was hardly surprising then that the vast majority of adults and children could neither read nor write. We visited Sakuy a second time in 2002 and our good friend Paul Kienou, farmer and also cathechist, gave us a very warm welcome.

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4-5)  Many people came to meet us and they accompanied us back to the village.

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6-12)  A gathering of the villlagers was held, at which occasion we received a number of gifts as a token of their friendship. At this occasion they requested us, most eagerly, to help them build a school. We promised them that we would undertake the necessary steps to help bring this about.

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13-18)  Construction of the school started in June 2002. The entire village became involved in the building activities.


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19-23)  Pending the completion of the new school, the villagers - they were that keen - made use of the most simple means available to build a sort of improvised structure that could already serve as a basic school building. This made it possible to at least get the lessons started regardless of the nature of the primitive surroundings.


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24-25)  The construction of the new school was finished at the end of 2002. Much to the delight of all, the students moved from their primitive quarters to their spanking new class buildings.

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26)  This student was so happy and proud that he insisted we take a picture of him standing in front of 'his' school.

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27-28) An Afrant delegation again visited the village community in Sakuy, in January 2004. The school system is now in full swing, with two teachers now employed full time.

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29-30) A third teacher is due to be appointed sometime in the foreseeable future.

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31-32)  These pictures give us a view of the first of the three houses being built for the teachers (January 2004). The decision was taken to construct the second and third houses in August 2004. The were finished in November 2004. The decision then followed to build a central kitchen and also the lavatories for the de school. This work is scheduled for completion in a few months time. This will put the finishing touch on the this worthwhile project.

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33-38)  During our last visit all the villagers came out to greet us. Many people expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation for the construction of this school.

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