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   Building of a school at Nodi in Benin, in 2002 


Pictures of Nodi:     (click on any photo to enlarge)


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1)  This is what the local village school in Nodi looked like, in early 2002.

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2)  Students - the happy few - in their make-do classroom, and this while the majority of children could not even attend school: there was no room for them ... the 'school' was simply too small ...

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3)  In January 2002, we paid a visit to the provincial prefect of Materi in order to discuss the situation in Nodi. It was absolutely necessary to find a solution for the education of the children in Nodi.

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4)  We proceed to Nodi, to receive a very warm welcome from the village community. The children are standing waiting for us in great numbers.

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5)  The village elders present us with the plans for the village school as it should look. They ask us for help to have it built. We commit ourselves to provide the requisite help.

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6)  Paying a visit to the family of the school principal.

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7)  Saying good bye to one of the village elders.

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8 en 9)  A building contractor from Tanguieta makes preparations for the building of the school. Meanwhile the villagers themselves proceed to manufacture and bake the thousands of bricks needed ...

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10, 11 en 12)  Early 2003:  The terrain for the new school is prepared, the foundations are laid and the walls of the new school slowly arise.

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13 - 21)  September 2003: THe entire village of Nodi is in a festive mood, to celebrate the inauguration of the new school. Guests from outside the village and musicians join in the festivities and add to the joy. The exhilaration of the local villagers knows no bounds.

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22-23) During a round trip in Benin, in February 2004, we again visited the school in Nodi, an establishment so sorely needed in view of the great number of children living in this village.

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24-25) Both adults and children alike are absolutely delighted at the completion of the building. There are enough teachers and the children attend school daily.

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26-27) These pictures show that much yet remains to be done to upgrade and modernise the classroom facilities.

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28-29) The cost for such upgrading and modernising is calculated at   10.000

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