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A new project:  a proper village school for N'Tchiega

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1-2) In January 2004 an Afrant delegation visited the remote village of N'Tchiega in the north west og Benin. These pictures show how badly the village school was damaged during the recent rainy season.

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3-4)  Both the roof and sections of the walls have been washed away. A large group of children sit packed closely together on the earthen floor. It is not possible to provide proper education under such deplorable conditions.

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5-6)  We have commited ourselves to build a modest but proper school for N'Tchiega. It will consist of two classrooms. The budgeted cost for this small school is  15.000.

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7-8) Construction work on the new school at N'Tchiega commenced in December 2004, much to the approval of those eager young eyes ...

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9-10) During our visit to N'Tchiega in February 2005 we were very pleased to see that the work on the school was well advanced: These pictures show that basic structure, up to the level of the roof, was already in place.

When our African contactman visited us in Belgium in July 2005 he brought the good tidings that construction of the school at N'Tchiega was now complete. 'Photographic evidence' will follow soon.

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