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    In what region is AFRANT at work?

Afrant is at work in the south-western part of the Sahel region, just above the equator.  Incidentally, how is your geography? How well acquainted are you with the various countries in Africa ... do you know their names and the names of their capital cities? Put your knowledge to the test and find out ... look up our "interactive map of Africa".

Today Afrant is active throughout several regions in the countries of Benin and Burkina Faso. Each work site covers a substantial area. In order to give you an overall view, the work sites have been marked in on the maps of both countries. You can view the locations of these sites via the links at the bottom of this page.


A few words about Benin and Burkina-Faso

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Benin and Burkina Faso are located in west Africa, in an area bordering the Sahel region. They belong to the poorest countries in the world. Even today, many parts of these countries remain deprived of even the most basic infrastructure and facilities. Extreme drought is prevalent in most areas. This accounts by and large for the very low yields on farms and hence the inadequate diet of the local population. There is a general lack of raw materials, surfaced roads, electrical power supply, etc. Many villages lack even the most basic elementary education and health care.

It is unlikely that these brave people will ever succeed in breaking out of this vicious circle on their own, but with our help, they can.
On the positive side, it must also be said that both countries enjoy the benefits of a comparatively stable political regime. Add to this a surprising degree of tenacity and  strength,  and a keen  will and  interest displayed by many of the local inhabitants. They really want to improve their standard of living and they are prepared  to do something about it.

It is up to us to give them a push in the back and add that much needed impetus which will - really and truly - get the band wagon rolling. In a number of instances in fact, time has already proved us right ...


The African continent

Do you know what Africa looks like today on the map?  Would you be able to locate the boundaries of Benin and Burkina Faso?  Check it out on the map of Africa below. Klik on the map to enlarge.

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BENIN  -  click here.to view the locations where Afrant is presently active.

BURKINA FASO  -  click here. to view the locations where Afrant is presently active.



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